Why use a Certified Locator

Underground network is complex and requires expert knowledge to interpret information, to identify and locate components, to pothole underground assets for validation and to safely work around assets without causing damage. Only a DBYD Certified Locator registered with a CLO is authorised to access Telstra network for locating purposes. In addition, a growing number of other utilities are requiring that a Certified Locator be used.

Certified Locators registered with a Certified Locating Organisation (CLO) have exclusive access to endorsed utility assets for location purposes, for example Telstra pits and manholes.

Certified Locating Organisation (CLO) status assures potential clients that a company has calibrated location equipment and mandatory current business insurances for their risk assessment peace of mind. Certified Locating Organisations and their contact details including service areas are listed on here.

The cost of using a Certified Locator is minor compared to the significant economic and reputational costs with damage to subsurface utilities.

To find out more, download the flyer here.