Required Equipment for Practical Assessment

Certified Locator Equipment List

To undertake the practical assessment, you must present with the following equipment*. Failure to do so will result in the assessment being aborted and the participant will incur the cost of re-assessment ($695 + GST).

1/ Complete BYDA Plans for the assessment location ordered in the candidate’s name (complete print outs in colour or loaded onto an at least 10-inch tablet)

2/ Photo ID and construction white card

3/ EMF locating instrument must be serviced, maintained and calibrated as required by the manufacturer with the following minimum requirements:

  • Multiple frequencies (min of 1 Low, 1 Medium & 1 High Frequency)
  • At least one sonde frequency
  • Three active modes, Direct Connect, Inductive Clamp and Spill Induction
  • Two passive modes, Radio and Power
  • Separate Peak and Null Modes
  • Be able to read Current Measurement
  • Manual Gain control

4/ Multiple Frequency Transponder Locator

5/ 4 Gas detector with sniffer hose.

  • Combustibles (LEL)
  • Oxygen (O)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)

6/ Traceable duct rodding equipment and a sonde suitable for rodding a communication duct and at a frequency to suit EMF Locator

7/ Induction Clamp Extension Handle (recommended 2m length and non-conductive handle)

8/ Pair of Telstra Manhole guards

9/ Telstra Manhole keys

10/ Minimum of 4 X 450 mm witches hats

11/ Telstra pit seal breaker tool

12/ Applicable safety management signs

13/ Site record document, Asset location report or similar

14/ Safety documentation (Take 5, JSA, SWMS)

15/ First aid kit

16/ Hi Vis workwear or vest and work boots

* Please contact us if you are travelling by plane and we will discuss alternative arrangements.