Certificate Renewals

Certified Locators now have 2 options to renew their 2-year certification:

  1. Retake the practical assessment (Capital Cities only)
  2. Accumulate Continuing Education Units (CEU) over the 2-year period

You will need to accumulate 50 CEU over the 2-year period.

Follow these steps to renew your certificate:

  1. Enter your details in the form below
  2. Update your contact details where required
  3. Upload your current photo
  4. Upload your CEU evidence (e.g. logbook)
  5. Pay the renewal fee of 790 + GST for a 2 year term

*A discounted renewal fee of $590 + GST is available to NULCA members and associate members. Please contact NULCA for the current NULCA member discount code. To apply the discount, please enter the correct code in the Discount Code field as well as the CEU NULCA member field.

To renew your certificate , please click the green button “Add Enrolment” and then the blue “Next” button to proceed.

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