Proving Competency: Riley Brown’s Journey to Certification

Meet Riley Brown, a newly Certified Locator from the Wollongong area of NSW. With 18 months of hands-on experience with A1 Locate Services Pty Ltd Riley offers insights into the significance of achieving certification and his passion for the role of underground services locator. 

For Riley, becoming certified as a locator is a big achievement and boosts his confidence in the industry.  

It is more than just career progression for him, it represents a personal milestone, having proven his skills and competency.  

The path to certification for Riley wasn’t without its hurdles.  Riley openly shares that the theoretical aspects of the certification process posed a unique challenge due to his Dyslexia. However, his determination to succeed and the support around him helped him to achieve his goal.  

Riley’s favourite aspect of the job is the difference that each site presents: “Every location or site is different, which is part of the challenge. Locating and marking utilities to expose what was previously just a blank canvas with potential hidden dangers is an exciting process. Finding those underground services that the client wasn’t aware of and minimising the risk of damage to utilities is one of my favourite parts of being a locator.” 

A self-confessed outdoors guy, some of his most memorable work locations would have to be the National Parks in NSW. The dense bushland and rugged terrain make locating extra interesting in these areas, with the native flora and fauna adding an additional layer of complexity to his locating work.  

Safety is paramount when working around utilities. Ensuring a secure and safer worksite environment is fundamental and in Riley’s world, it’s a crucial aspect of the locating process, especially on complex worksites. 

For those looking to get certified, he offers a simple yet invaluable piece of advice “do not rush the process.” He emphasises the significance of gaining practical experience prior to attempting the assessment.  


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