Protecting the public and myself is crucial

John O’Brien, an experienced Senior Certified Locator/Manager at Locate Scan & Survey, provides insights into his initial year in the industry, covering South-Eastern parts of Australia.

With his recent certification, John offers perspectives on both the challenges and noteworthy aspects of his profession.

Becoming a Certified Locator is a career achievement for John, ensuring that the skills he brings to the industry are now widely recognised by his certification. “It means a great deal to me, opening doors for more locating services work from companies seeking Certified Locators,” says John.

Not being on the one job site all the time allows me to discover different facets of NSW, places even some locals have never been to.

Reflecting on his early struggles, John recalls grappling with electrical utility systems during his training. “I initially struggled with the intricacies, particularly with electrical utility systems, but with practice, I got the hang of it,” he admits.

A defining aspect of John’s role is the diversity it offers, allowing him to explore different regions within NSW.

John reflects on his recent work in Sydney, specifically on the light rail corridor project for Gartner Rose. He notably mentions his involvement in The GreenWay Project, an innovative cycling, pedestrian, and biodiversity corridor across the Inner West. Moving from conducting sonde operations on Pitt St to handling tasks in regional areas of NSW, the job is certainly different. 

Navigating through diverse landscapes, from Moree to Griffith, Cootamundra, and the Sydney city centre, John recounts the fascinating places he has located. His work offers a unique perspective on the networks that lie beneath the surface of these locations. 

Safety is a top priority for John, particularly in a field with live traffic and the need for traffic management systems.

“Protecting the public and myself is crucial, following safety procedure, like pit guards to ensure no one slips into an open pit. I’ve also obtained a confined space ticket and first aid ticket to add to my qualifications,” he says. 

For those aspiring to become Certified Locators, John’s advice is straightforward. “Get the practice and knowledge in, understand how dials work, and don’t shy away from seeking guidance,” he suggests.  

Congratulations to John! We wish you all the best in your career.


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