Overcoming obstacles is part of the fun

Problem solving is something all utility locators seem to have in common – and Peter Hawkes is no exception. 

Located in Coffs Harbour, northern NSW, Peter is the Director of his business Locate3D. He says one of the most challenging things about being a locator is also what he likes most. 

“I like working out what’s going on underground and how best to overcome each obstacle that comes along.”  

“On the flip side, one of the other challenges is handling last-minute calls from clients who urgently need us onsite. Not only does it throw your day’s plans out but it’s frustrating to turn up and find the excavator operator ready and waiting on us to do a locate and give the all clear. 

“It’s certainly not the safest way to prepare for an excavation job,” said Peter. 

Safety plays a very important role when working around existing utilities. Peter says safety is paramount on every locate job. 

‘It’s not just the personal and work health and safety aspects, but it’s also the quality of the locate that’s vital.” 

Peter was a utility locator for three years when he took the steps to become a Certified Locator. 

“It was great to finally get certified. I had my staff, who were all Certified Locators, so it was time for me to set the right example. The move has also been great for my business. 

“Being certified means I get out of the office much more and do the field work which I enjoy,” said Peter.  

One of the perks of the job is getting to locate at some pretty amazing places. Peter’s favourite locating destination so far was  Lord Howe Island.  

When asked what tip he would give to someone considering becoming a Certified Locator, Peter says just do it, get out there and get the experience. 

“Becoming certified not only improves your locating skills but enhances your knowledge base and career opportunities,” said Peter. 

Congratulations to Peter on achieving his Locator Certification!


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