Certified Locator Program – New Zealand

DCL and beforeUdig are delighted to announce the launch of the beforeUdig Certified Locator program.

Locators now have the opportunity to have their skills and knowledge certified by industry experts in New Zealand. The certification will formally recognise a locator has a proven capability standard to complete all types of location work to accepted industry standards. This will distinguish them from ‘DIY’ or self-authorised locators as well as identifying them to potential clients and employers as having demonstrated a high level of understanding and practical expertise.

For more information visit: https://www.beforeudig.co.nz/locator/home

NZ Locator Certification Cost: $1,195 NZ + GST

Certified Locators

Certified LocatorCompany NameContact
Innes Fisher
Paul Rodgers
Utility Location Services Ltdhttp://www.utilitylocation.co.nz/
Justin Bell
Damon Strong
Steve Welch
Whanui Skipper
Sub-Surface Detection Ltdhttp://www.subsurfacedetection.co.nz
Ben GilesUtility Scan Taranaki Limitedhttp://www.utilityscan.co.nz
Robin Marshall-LeeSafety First Service Locatorshttp://www.safetyfirstservicelocators.co.nz/
Callum Bruce
Jordan Moratti
Reveal Infrastructure Ltd.https://www.reveal.nz/
Elle ArcherELG Global – Smart Infrastructure
Shayne GoodwinUnderground Service Locatorshttps://www.undergroundlocators.co.nz/