Locating: from stunning beaches to complex city buildings

Meet Kane Anderson – who recently became a Certified Locator. Working with Western Australia’s largest utility location and surveying company, Abaxa, Kane gets to work in all sorts of interesting places – from stunning remote locations to complex city buildings.

“Each location I’ve been to – from quiet camp sites and lakes to high-rise city buildings and hospitals – have all had something different to offer,” Kane says.

“Although one of my more memorable experiences was doing a locate at a cattle station where I decided to quickly jump over a wire fence to reach a pit. Turned out that fence was electric. I got a shock in a spot that was a little too close for comfort,” Kane shared.

Apart from the interesting and different locations, Kane enjoys the versatility of his locating work and solving problems on difficult jobs. He strives to always do his best to solve issues, never make assumptions and enjoys being able to help clients progress with their projects.

Becoming a Certified Locator was a natural next step. While Kane finds the field work comes easily to him, it was the theory side of the certification process that he found more challenging.

“Becoming certified and being recognised for my knowledge and skills was great for my self-belief and confidence.

“It’s great to have a process that recognises my abilities to locate all types of assets as well as my understanding of how underground infrastructure systems work,” Kane said.

What tip would Kane give a locator thinking to be certified? “Go for it. If you like what you do and you’re good at it then becoming a Certified Locator is great,” Kane advised. Congratulations Kane on becoming a Certified Locator. With just more than 850 Certified Locators across Australia, you join a unique group who are recognised for meeting the minimum industry best practice requirements and demonstrating high-level of locating skills and knowledge.

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