Overcoming obstacles is part of the fun

Problem solving is something all utility locators seem to have in common – and Peter Hawkes is no exception.  Located in Coffs Harbour, northern NSW, Peter is the Director of his business Locate3D. He says one of the most challenging things…

Locating is about safeguarding people and assets

Locating isn’t a guessing game. Clients need to know your receiver isn’t a magic wand.

From surveying to locating – the best of both worlds

After nine years of surveying Leyton finally decided to give into his curiosity.

Being Certified is providing peace of mind

Being certified gives Beau a sense of pride that he's doing all he can to give clients peace of mind so workmates go home safe.

Working in paradise every day

Being able to locate any part of North Queensland is paradise says Russell Fry, Managing Director at Groundvac.  

From solicitor to utility locator: a unique path to a more satisfying career

After five career changes that started as a solicitor and ended with being a school teacher, Aidan Waszaj, South East Scanning, finally decided to ditch the whole nine-to-five routine and become a utility locator.