Hydrovacing and Facility Verification

Online Short Course

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About the course

This short course aims to develop safe hydrovacing and facility identification and verification skills as part of effective ground disturbance practices.

Hydrovacing, also known as Hydro Excavation or Vacuum Excavation, is a safe non-destructive method to excavate around existing underground services. This process uses high-pressure water and industrial strength vacuum to carefully break up and remove soil and, therefore, reduce potential expensive damage to existing underground power, water, gas, sewer, telecommunication and/or any other utilities.

Who should take the course:

Anyone who needs hydrovacing training or needs to understand safe hydrovacing and facility identification and verification procedures as part of safe ground disturbance process. This includes supervisors, locators, excavator, project managers or any onsite worker. For Certified Locators who take this course, you will earn 10 CEU points towards the renewal of your Certification.

Course format:

– Self-paced online learning

– Six units of learning

– Online quiz after each topic and a final exam –

– Receive a Certification of Completion

Course duration:

– 1-2 hours (self-paced)

Course Topics

– Hydrovac excavation

– Hydrovac procedures for utility crossings and trenchless crossings, as the primary means of excavation and for managing hazardous spills or leaks

– Pot holes

– Slot and sloped trenches

– Identification and verification/validation procedures as per applicable regulatory requirements and industry best practices

Learning Outcomes:

By completing the online Hydrovacing and Facility Verification course, you will gain an understanding of the following topics:

  1. Hydrovac procedures
  2. Hydrovac slots at utility crossings
  3. Hydrovac procedures for trenchless crossings
  4. Hydrovacing as the primary means of excavation
  5. Hydrovac procedures for spills and leaks6.Facility identification and verification