Before the Assessment

To become a Certified Locator, you need to go through a three-step certification process: Self-Assessment, Theory Assessment, and Practical Assessment. Successful completion of these assessments will earn you the certification.

$1,295 + GST / $1,095 + GST (NULCA Member Discount)

The Self-Assessment is a free evaluation that helps you understand the areas you will be assessed on during the Theory and Practical Assessments. It is essential to assess your expertise and equipment against the criteria provided. If you lack confidence in specific areas, it’s advised to gain more experience or undertake training before enrolling.

The Theory Assessment consists of 70 multiple-choice questions. It is conducted online and typically takes about 45 minutes to complete. Candidates have two attempts to reach 96%.

Practical Assessment

If you are successful in completing the Theory test, you will be contacted to organise the practical assessment as soon as dates are available in your region. To book a Practical Assessment date, you can email or call the 1300 340 017 for scheduling and further information.

Typically, there are three assessment sessions each day, scheduled for 8 am, 11 am, and 2 pm. Three hours are allocated for each assessment.

See the list of required equipment here: Required Equipment – DBYD Certification (

  • You must do a BYDA Enquiry for the location of assessment and it must be done by you and in your name.
  • Be sure to check that you have all plans and the required information is legible. This can be ensured by colour printing in size A3 or displayed on a minimum 10-inch tablet.
  • There is time at the beginning for equipment inspection, Telstra plan reading task, safety briefing, explanation of locating scenario and marking method required.
  • You will then have two hours to perform the actual locating. You are not required to complete the site in the two hours. However, the assessor needs to see sufficient locating done to evaluate your competency. At a minimum, you should have used Direct Connect and Induction Clamp on at least two, and possibly three or more, asset types, depending on the site.
  • During this two-hour period the assessor will be entering observations into their mobile device. They will also take notes of your actions step by step and may ask occasional questions or inspect your connection points to assess connection methods and frequencies.
  • For most of the time, they will observe from a distance, which might include sitting in a vehicle or another location to provide you with space to perform your job.

Yes, candidates who do not pass the assessments have the opportunity to reattempt.

After the Assessment

After successfully completing the theory and practical assessments, you will receive your Certified Locator Certificate (usually within 24 hours).

You will then be contacted to discuss access to Telstra pits and manholes through the Certified Locating Organisation (CLO) program. Once you’re registered under this separate program, a photo ID Card will be issued via your CLO employer.  

Certificate Renewal

The Certified Locator Certificate is valid for 2 years from completion date.

Certified Locators have two options for renewing their 2-year certification: either retake the practical assessment (available in Capital Cities only) or accumulate 50 Continuing Education Units (CEU) over the 2-year period.

Continuing Education Units (CEU) can be earned as follows:

10 CEU: Attendance at a NULCA general meeting

10 CEU: Completion of DCL Pre-Excavation Management Webinar  (Free for Certified Locators, email for the discount code)

10 CEU: Completion of DCL technical webinars with guest speaker

10 CEU: Completion of Locate Management Institute Hydrovacing course

15 CEU: Current membership of NULCA

20 CEU: Completion of Locate Management Institute Utility Advanced Line Locating Course

25 CEU: Attendance at a DCL recognised damage prevention conference (e.g., No-Dig Downunder)

30 CEU: Provision of evidence of work in the locating industry for previous 24 months by way of submission of a logbook. 200 hours required (download template here)

40 CEU: Provision of evidence of work in the locating industry for previous 24 months by way of submission of a logbook. 500 hours required (download template here)

50 CEU: Pass a DCL recognised 1-day skills upgrade course

50 CEU: Attend a NULCA approved RIICCM202E course

If you fail to pay your certificate renewal fee by the due date, your certificate will expire. Once expired, you cannot perform locating activities under the Certified Locating Organisation (CLO) Agreement.