Ben Whitfield, Service Locator at Locate Scan and Survey in NSW, has recently achieved a significant milestone in his career by becoming a Certified Locator.

With over three years locating experience in Sydney and the UK, Ben brings a variety of expertise to his role in underground service location.  For Ben, obtaining certification is a testament to his hard work and dedication.

“It means a lot to me,” Ben explains. “Hard work pays off, and now getting recognised for it through the certification opens a lot more doors for me.” 

Highlighting city centres as one of the most daunting aspects of locating work, Ben mentions the complexity of numerous services, public traffic, and bustling environments as factors to these challenging locating sites. Because of these challenges, successfully completing projects in these types of areas, gives a sense of accomplishment and a recognition of your learned skills.  

 One part Ben enjoys most about being a locator is the thrill of the unknown.

“With not being able to physically see the services, it’s almost like ‘The Unknown,’” Ben shares. “Being able to successfully map out all aspects of underground services gives great satisfaction.” 

 Throughout his career, Ben has encountered some interesting locations, from the various regions in New South Wales to the capital, Canberra, each place holds its own unique charm and challenges, contributing to Ben’s professional growth. 

When it comes to safety in locating work, Ben stresses its importance. “Safety is crucial on any working site, you are responsible for the safety of others and yourself when locating underground services,” Ben affirms, underlining that it extends beyond equipment usage to fostering a secure environment for all individuals participating in the process. 

For aspiring locators interested in becoming certified, Ben offers valuable advice:

“Take your time to learn the trade and all the stages that go with it, it’s not a job where you can cut corners. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.” 

 We congratulate Ben on his achievement and wish him continued success as a Certified Locator.  


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