Being Certified is providing peace of mind

Beau Atkinson, Service Locator, maybe a relative newbie to utility locating, but that didn’t stop him from quickly moving onto the next step and becoming a Certified Locator.

The importance of safety seems second nature to Beau who says becoming certified was about the recognition of his commitment to locating and doing it to the best of his ability.

“Becoming a Certified Locator gives me a sense of pride in being able to give people peace of mind, so they can go home safe at the end of the day. It also means making sure I can watch my kids grow up,” said Beau.

It sounds like that pride also comes from working with a great team. Beau says his favourite thing about locating is the company he works for, Georadar Australia.

When you’re a utility locator you get to visit lots of interesting and different sites and locations across Australia. With work based around central Queensland, Beau has seen many scenic spots including the stunning Carnarvon Gorge in the Central Highlands.

“I see so many picturesque places. But Carnarvon Gorge would have to be up there!” said Beau.

Locators are never short a of story about interesting or unusual location experiences. For Beau, it was doing a job outside the rural town of Rolleston.

“I was on a job locating earths for Ergon. I was locating a HV (high voltage) earth due to high resistance. It turns out the farmer put his shiny new gate through the earth in two different spots!” said Beau.

A great reminder to always check what’s below no matter how remote you think you are from utility services. Using the services of a Certified Locator is the safe way to go about it.

If you’re interested on becoming a Certified Locator, Beau’s tips are not to overthink the process.

“Listen to the experts and don’t be afraid to ask the stupid questions,” said Beau.

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