Becoming certified means credibility

When asked what’s the best thing about being a utility locator, Matthew Fuller explained it’s a work environment where there is always something to learn.

“Every day is different. Not just different work sites. There are different problems to solve and different utilities to locate. No two days are the same,” Matt said.

Based in South Australia, Matt says he finds locating at substations the most fascinating.

‘There’s always a lot going on. Old stuff, new stuff. Earthing grids. My head spins every time,” Matt said.

“Although one of the strangest locates was to cut off an old water service to Yatala prison (Northfield, SA) and install a new one for the new prison upgrade.

“We had so much trouble locating the old cast iron service, we ended up vac’ing a hole large enough to fit someone who could then actually hold the direct connect clip on the main. We then discovered the service trunked in three separate connections. Not quite what we were expecting,” said Matt.

With October being National Safe Work Month, we asked Matt what safety means to him when out locating.

“Safety is always at the front of my mind. We all want to go home safe. I always look to keep worksites free of trip hazards, by not leaving things laying around. We also make sure we use our pit barriers,” Matt said.

Matt has been locating for two years and this year he went for his certification and passed. Now a Certified Locator, Matt said achieving this national recognition is a must if you’re serious about locating.

“It’s a requirement now for most work sites. If you’re interested in locating, I recommend completing a training course and getting experience before attempting certification.

“For me, becoming Certified means credibility,” Matt said.  

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