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Earnest’s Journey to Certified Locator 

Becoming an Australian Certified Locator is a significant milestone in the career of every underground utility professional. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Earnest Banhwa, the Principal Surveyor at Precise Positioning Solutions Pty Ltd in Queensland, to delve into his experience with the Certified Locator journey.  Name: Earnest Banhwa Role/Position: Principal Surveyor Organisation: […]


‘The Thrill of the Unknown’

Ben Whitfield, Service Locator at Locate Scan and Survey in NSW, has recently achieved a significant milestone in his career by becoming a Certified Locator. With over three years locating experience in Sydney and the UK, Ben brings a variety of expertise to his role in underground service location.  For Ben, obtaining certification is a […]

A curious nature and a good process will help you on your path to get Certified.

Charlie Euston, having spent the last year as a Service Locator at DWB Service Locating in Victoria, decided that obtaining certification was the only way to ensure that he was recognised in the locating industry.   “Getting certified was a validation of my learning, skills and also a key step in my career progression. It signifies my […]

Overcoming obstacles is part of the fun

Problem solving is something all utility locators seem to have in common – and Peter Hawkes is no exception.  Located in Coffs Harbour, northern NSW, Peter is the Director of his business Locate3D. He says one of the most challenging things about being a locator is also what he likes most.  “I like working out […]