About Us

DBYD CERTIFICATION LIMITED (DCL) has been set up to offer certification for locators working with asset owners and contractors. The Certification recognises locators who have demonstrated a high level of understanding and practical expertise. Our mission is to deliver skills development and certification of locators to the highest standard to protect people and infrastructure. Our vision is to have safer communities through skills development and locator certification.


In recent years the asset owning members of DBYD have voiced their concerns surrounding the inconsistency of skill sets associated with locating, which can lead to damages to their respective assets or more concerning serious injuries to workers or the general public.

This concern has been addressed by DCL developing a rigorous assessment for locating that contains both theory and practical elements.

It is the intention of DCL and supported by its stakeholders that locators will aspire to be a Certified Locator. Having successfully passed the assessment the locator will have recognition that he/she has met a standard that is endorsed by our asset owning members and will be listed on the DCL website as a DBYD Certified Locator.

Download our DBYD Locator Flyer here.