A locating job with a surprise find

Based in sunny Queensland, Matty Carr has been a utility locator for a number of years. Looking to take a further step in his career development, Matty recently attained his Certified Locator certificate, which gives holders national industry recognition and also helps with future career prospects.   

As a locator, Matty has had some interesting encounters, including finding an abandoned safe!

“A couple of years ago I was looking for a stormwater manhole in a wetlands area when I came across an open safe. In it I discovered quite a few unopened money bags.

“Unfortunately, they were all empty!” Matty said.

The most fascinating place Matty has been to locate is the stormwater outlets under Brisbane’s CBD. He was very impressed by the solid infrastructure built so many years ago.

“My favourite thing about being a locator is the autonomy of the role. It is also very satisfying to manage a project from start to finish, ” he said.

For anyone interested in becoming certified, Matty recommends watching the online training videos and getting as much practical experience as possible in the lead up to the assessment.

Great advice Matty. Congratulations again on becoming a Certified Locator – we hope you ‘locate’ a better stocked safe next time.

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