Certified Locators are certified by industry experts to distinguish them from “DIY” or self-authorised locators. To gain certification locators must pass a comprehensive theory assessment and practical field assessment conducted by an industry assessor. Certified Locators will need to present appropriate equipment and demonstrate expertise to safely and competently use different locating techniques to accepted industry standards.


Gives your company’s certified locators access permissions to utility networks for the purposes cable and plant location. For now, only the Telstra infrastructure is included in this agreement. We are currently negotiating with several providers to include as many utilities into the process as possible – making the CLO program a one-stop shop.


This four hour training course covers the requirements and regulatory obligations of locating and identifying subsurface utilities for Site Managers, HSE Managers Supervisors and Leading Hands on construction sites where excavation work is proposed to be carried out.

The course will inform participants of their legislative obligations and will show how to apply Australian Standard 5488 to reduce the possibility of damage and additional cost.

DBYD Certification Ltd achieves ISO 9001 Certification

DBYD Certification is proud to have achieved ISO 9001 Certification of quality management system standards for the provision of the Certified Locator, Certified Locating Organisation Program, the delivery of the Pre-Excavation Management Course and Skills Development Program.

What our customers say

We became aware of DBYD Pre-Excavation Course late last year. I went and did the course myself and was very impressed.  Since that date we have put 115 Project Managers, Engineers, Foreman and WHSQ through the course. The feedback has been resoundingly positive.  Some of the most positive feedback we have got from training, relevant, practical and very well presented. I know it will help a great deal in helping us reduce service strikes on our sites. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Since NULCA Australia’s inception over 10 years ago, our main objective has been to improve the standard of locating across the country. We believe that the commitment of our committee and members has helped achieve this objective in conjunction with some major industry steps that include recognised locator training programs, the implementation of Australian Standard AS5488 and now this milestone of a national independent certification process. NULCA is proud to give its full support to the DBYD Locator Certification process.

I completed the Utility Advanced Line Locating online course to challenge myself after being a locator for over 20 years. I found the course material excellent, well prepared and I have taken aspects away that will change how I conduct my work. I would definitely recommend this course.

I believe the Pre-Excavation Management Course should be mandatory for those delegating a team on an excavation site. Prior to attending the course I had a sense of false faith in the safety and accuracy of the utility plans. After completing the training, I have a much more cautious approach as plans can be inaccurate and may not include all services. I recommend this course 10/10 for safety. There are people’s lives at risk.

The Certification is Proudly Endorsed by